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[1930 Bentley Speed Six Sportsman's Coupe/Owner - Richard L. Scott]
1930 Bentley Speed Six Sportsman's Coupe
Owner - Richard L. Scott
Photo Credit: Dennis Cohen

One trophy, awarded at the discretion of the Concours judges and committee.

[1994 Jaguar XJ 220/Owner - Gary Bartlett]
1994 Jaguar XJ 220
Owner - Gary Bartlett

One trophy, awarded at the discretion of the Concours Grand Marshall.

[1941 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon/Owner - John Mesloh]
1941 Chrysler Town & Country Wagon
Owner - John Mesloh

One trophy, awarded to the vehicle obtaining the most votes in public balloting.

[1930 Bugatti Type 50 S Roadster/Owner - Don Marsh]
1930 Bugatti Type 50S Roadster
Owner - Don Marsh

One trophy, awarded at the discretion of the Concours Co-Chairs.

[1913 Triumph Type C Roadster with Woolbrown Sidecar/Owners - Claudia & Pepe Merrick]
1913 Triumph Type C Roadster with Woolbrown Sidecar
Owners - Claudia & Pepe Merrick

R.C. Fogle was active with this event as head judge and committee member from 1988 until his death. R.C. loved all types of automobiles. His vast collection remains today as proof. Able to find beauty in all, he could never limit himself to just one marque. His collection includes models from the 1920's to the 1960's and includes both American and European models.

This award is given in R.C.'s name, as Judge's Choice, to the outstanding car that represents both superior craftsmanship and style.

[1908 Stoddard-Dayton Model F/Owner - David K. Noran]
1908 Stoddard-Dayton Model F
Owner - David K. Noran
One trophy, awarded by Mrs. Helen Williams, to the vehicle best exemplifying the spirit of the original Concours d'Elegance, an event for car enthusiasts who love to drive their cars.

[1957 Jaguar XK SS/Owner - Gary Bartlett]
1957 Jaguar XK SS
Owner - Gary Bartlett

Photo Credit: Dennis Cohen
One trophy, awarded to the vehicle which best represents the spirit of historical preservation for the enjoyment of the public.

[1932 Packard 905 Coupe Roadster/Owners - Gene & Sally Perkins]
1932 Packard 905 Coupe Roadster
Owners - Gene & Sally Perkins
As one of the founders of this event, Jack O'Connor orchestrated the "car" part of the first shows. His contacts in the old car hobby ran broad and deep. Jack loved open cars. He owned well over 100 different cars, almost all convertibles or roadsters.

This award is given, in Jack O'Connor's name, to the open car that best represents his lifelong love of automobile style and elegance.

[1988 Porsche 962/Owner - Larry Schumacher]
1988 Porsche 962
Owner - Larry Schumacher
Howard and Marian Rapp helped begin this event. Howard was the first car registration chairman and maintained that position for a number of years. He also solicited advertising and supported the event financially. Howard Rapp loved his 356 Porsches. He owned several during his life. Howard and his wife were very active members of the Porsche Club, traveling to many events over the years.

This award is given in Howard's name, not to a car, but to an owner who best exemplifies Rapp's rapture in the enjoyment of a Porsche.

[1966 Ferrari 275 GTB/Owner - Andrew Manganaro]
1966 Ferrari 275 GTB
Owner - Andrew Manganaro, MD
One trophy, awarded to the best Ferrari in memory of Ebby Lunken, Ferrari racer, enthusiast and long time supporter of the Concours.

1940 Packard 160 Bohman & Schwartz Convertible
Owner - William P. Haynes
This award is presented by the Citizen's Motor Car Company to an outstanding example of this historic marque.

[1960 Jaguar Mark IX Saloon/Owners - Jim & Kala Beranich]
1960 Jaguar Mark IX Saloon
Owners - Jim & Kala Beranich
Samuel Adams Boston Beer Company has been an active sponsor of the Concours d'Elegance at Ault Park.

Founders Jim Koch and father Charles Koch of Cincinnati, avid collectors of classic era automobiles, present the Samuel Adams Trophy to the most elegantly styled closed-car.

[1935 MG PA Roadster/Owner - Larry L. McCartt]
1935 MG PA Roadster
Owner - Larry L. McCartt
Being a manufacturer of new and restored historic wire wheels, Dayton Wire Wheel Products of Dayton, Ohio sponsors this trophy on behalf of the great British passion for the sports car.

[1965 Shelby American Cobra 289/Owner - Hugh L. Gaynes]
1965 Shelby American Cobra 289
Owner - Hugh L. Guynes

Photo Credit: Dennis Cohen
This trophy is awarded to the vehicle that, in the judgement of the sponsor representative, is found to be the most desirable car to be driven on the day of the show.

To be eligible, the owner must be willing to take the designated sponsor representative for a drive in the chosen vehicle.

[1934 Mercedes-Benz 290 Mannheim Cabriolet D/Owner - Charles L. Mong]
1934 Mercedes-Benz 290 Mannheim Cabriolet D
Owner - Charles L. Mong
One trophy, awarded at the discretion of the Concours judges and committee.

[1968 Ford GT40 Mark I/Owner - The Auto Museum]
1968 Ford GT40 Mark I
Owner - The Auto Museum
One trophy, awarded at the discretion of the Concours judges and committee.

[1967 Lancia Flaminia Supersport Zagato/Owner - Richard W. Gent, Jr.]
1967 Lancia Flaminia Supersport Zagato
Owner - Richard W. Gent, Jr.
Bill Hess' legacy with Hess & Eisenhardt is characterized by a dedication to design and building of custom automobiles. One of the most advanced stylists in the business, presidents, actors and kings chose his vehicles for their beauty and quality. He believed that a company that produced a quality product would endure.

It is for that accomplishment that this award is given for design excellence.

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Photo Credit: Bob Craig, except as noted.
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